Eating Clean and Dairy Free

Finding foods that are clean and dairy free does not have to be hard or difficult, in fact it can be rather fun!  Once you realize that the body was made to eat clean and healthy it becomes a lot easier to find the things the body needs.  It is the process of elimination!  If you start eating a diet that is dairy free it becomes a lot easier to spot foods that are dairy free because you know where to look and not where to look.


Take for example cheese.  If you are eating a dairy free diet then you know to skip the cheese isle!  That is in case you are at trader joe’s and you are eating their vegan cheese…which happens to be awesome!


Another example is baked goods.  Most baked goods are going to have milk and eggs in them, which is a big no, no.  So what do you do?  You stay away from the isle in the grocery store.


Another example is the soda isle.  If you are going to be eating a clean diet then chances are you are not going to be drinking that nasty stuff.  You are most likely going to be drinking water.  


You see how easy it becomes?  Once you begin to recognize the foods that you can eat it becomes easier to find and stay away from offending foods.  Another resource you should check out is  They have done a wonderful job at reviewing and giving tips and tricks on how to eat a dairy free and clean diet.

There are other websites out there but theres is the best because they really live what they preach.  If you have a few minutes today you should go check it out.  Stay healthy and eat healthy!